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The members of Wallsend Community Choir were asked what they like about attending choir practice and  why they come to sing. Here are a few of their comments:



I really like to sing and find it very therapeutic

I love to sing, and I’ve always loved to hear Wallsend Choir – Yvonne

I come to the choir because I enjoy performing and I enjoy meeting a big group.

I enjoy coming to choir as singing makes me feel good and even helps my memory!

There is nothing more satisfying than singing beautiful music with friends. It helps relieve the stresses and pressures of the day.

I come to choir because singing makes me feel on top of the world!

I have been in the choir since 2014. Singing with the choir each week is enjoyable, positive and, at times, frustrating, but it lifts my mood each week and stops me from just watching T.V.

I find it very exhilarating because we sing varied types of music.

I always look forward to Wednesday nights. I have been in the choir for over a year now. It’s friendly and welcoming and we sing some good tunes!

I have been in WCC for 16 years singing with others is such a relaxing and pleasurable experience – even when I am feeling bit down it helps to improve my mood.

I come to the choir because it is so good to be part of a community singing group. The quality of the sound, the fun in participation and the friendliness of the folk that are also here – Elizabeth.

I come to the choir to socialize and to be uplifted………

I come to the choir for companionship and the “feel good” factor – and it is good exercise for the cardiovascular system!!

I enjoy coming to sing – It makes me feel relaxed.


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